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Current version of MapInfo Pro - v2019

Location adds complexity to many decisions, and mistakes are too expensive for a “trial and error” approach. That’s why it’s critical to use a full-featured desktop mapping solution to prepare data for web mapping applications and create presentation quality maps.

MapInfo Pro v2019 is the “all in one” solution for location analytics with powerful new query capabilities, crisp vector graphics in layouts and an expanded window on the world via the MapInfo Marketplace.

"When public safety is at issue, reliability and accuracy are paramount. For 20 years, we have used MapInfo Pro to create and maintain our addressing system. In 2016, we moved to the 64-bit interface and after just 3 weeks, we were back to full productivity. With all the new features, it was well worth the move."
Alfonso Garrido, Cameron County, TX, Emergency Communication District 9-1-1, GIS Coordinator.
"MapInfo Pro v2019 is the bridge from the familiar past to the exciting future of location analytics. It delivers the capabilities that experienced users depend on and new functionality that will help both new and advanced users."
Ross Owens, Location Intelligence Specialist, Spatial Insights
MapInfo Pro

SQL Select

Find, segment and update your data faster and easier with the new SQLWindow

UUsers can build and save SQL statements and MapBasic scripts. This helps to increase productivity by building, running and reusing scripts.

Hotspot maps

Turn your data into insights using the new heat mapping available within MapInfo Pro

Start with any file of people, places, or things and visualize the density of the locations as “hot spots” that help you make better decisions. For more power, upgrade to MapInfo® Pro Advanced and work with all kinds of raster data using the fast, highly compressed MRR format.

Layout window

Make beautiful maps with layout improvements

Experience crisp line and fill styles, vectorized legends, faster redraws, snapping and alignment, templates, multipage layouts and improved output quality.

MapInfo Marketplace

Enhance your location analytics with customized apps in the Marketplace

Customized apps are released and updated continuously to help you solve your specific business needs.

Need imagery of a specific area? MapInfo® Pro Drone is available. Looking for additional special purpose tools? We have an app for that, too.


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Useful add-on applications for MapInfo Pro that you can download and install for your license.