Areas of activity

CSmap, s.r.o. is a dynamic company operating since 1995 in the field of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), route optimization and special tools for the transformation of GIS / CAD formats. During our time, we have gained a lot of experience in dealing with complicated tasks for major companies in a number of industries.

GIS and maps

Geographic information is currently present in almost every company database, whether they are customers, affiliates, competitors or management of utilities. Appropriate use enables companies to make the right key decisions.

Route optimization

Optimizing merchandise delivery or salesforce routes plays a key role in saving transportation costs. Other significant effects include fleet optimization, improved customer service and balanced salesforce regions and their efficient work.

Data transformation

The number and complexity of GIS / CAD file formats, databases, and coordinate systems continues to grow. Therefore conversions are more complicated and time-consuming. Barriers caused by this diversities can be removed by comprehensive analysis and transformation of these spatial data.


In addition to the sale and implementation of software tools and map data we deal with providing professional customer services. You do not have to spend money on software, maintenance and user training. The key services provided include:

Adresses cleansing and geocoding

Based on input addresses (eg. customer database) we will review, correct invalid or incomplete parts of addresses and add geographic coordinates.

Catchment areas and optimization

According to client's requirements and needs we create and analyze catchment areas from selected starting points based on travel time or distance. We optimize salesforce routes and process other network tasks.

Creating geographical analyzes

We customize complex spatial analysis (branch network analyzes, composition and deployment of salesforce, etc.) as well as simple map visualization of your business data (or publicly available data).

Geographic data conversion

We perform control and conversion of GIS/CAD data between hundreds of different formats and databases. We are able to convert also specific formats such as RUIAN and INSPIRE format.


Our offer includes wide range of software tools and map data not only related to the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We approach each customer individually and propose suitable combination of software and maps for his business.


In the field of mapping, optimization and transformation tools we provide standard desktop tools, server solutions and web applications. We also deal with the development of our own applications or with the solution according to specific customer requirements.

Maps and data

We offer a wide range of digital map data, including administrative divisions, postcode area maps, sociodemographic data, points of interest and other map layers. We provide maps of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, across a wide partner network, we are able to supply map data from almost all over the world.


Our company is able to offer optimal solutions not only to large companies but also to medium and small companies from a wide range of different sectors. Do not hesitate to contact us with your special requirements.