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It doesn't matter if you're just starting your FME journey or you're an experienced user looking for further improvements - our FME trainings offer everything you need!

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For those who are just starting out, we have prepared courses focused on the basic principles and practical skills of using the key products FME Form and FME Flow. Those who have already mastered the basics can look forward to advanced training that will help them move to a higher level of knowledge and skills.

Our trainers are certified professionals with many years of experience with FME, who will help you realize the full potential of both products and provide you with exactly what you need to successfully use these excellent software tools.

Training types

We provide FME training to customers either online through the MS Teams application with the option to record it, or in person at the customer's premises or in CSmap.

FME Form (previously FME Desktop)

FME Form training is suitable for both complete beginners who are new to FME and experienced users who want to improve their skills. In cooperation with you, we will design the exact training agenda based on your experience and the tasks you need to solve.

  • Beginners will learn to use the basic components of the application such as Data Inspector or Workbench, learn to use the most frequently used functions (Transformers) and convert the most frequently used data formats.
  • Advanced FME users can learn how to optimize the performance of their FME workspaces or discuss solutions with an instructor for specific and more complex problems they face when working with their data.
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FME Flow (previously FME Server)

FME Flow training is suitable for users with basic knowledge of FME Form who want to know what the basic principles of FME Flow are, how the web interface of this solution works or how to properly design transformation processes in FME Form that the user wants to automate and publish to FME Flow.

The training is suitable for all users who want to:

  • Take advantage of all the possibilities that the FME platform offers.
  • Make features and transformation processes available to your colleagues using the web interface.
  • Automate transformation processes.
  • Use FME Flow to distribute data dynamically, e.g. within user web applications.
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